Rockford Spring

Rockford Spring

Compression, Extensions & Torsion Springs

Rockford Spring Company has been providing quality custom precision springs and wire forms since 1952 and is privately owned. Rockford Spring Company is committed to providing products and services that will meet or exceed your needs and expectations. Rockford Spring has been ISO 9001:2008 Registered since 1997.

Compression Springs

A variety of materials are used, including hard drawn, music, oil-tempered, chrome silicon, stainless, and other available types of spring wire. Our wire size range is from a minimum of .006 diameter material to a maximum of .312 diameter.

Rockford Spring specializes in tight tolerance, highly stressed designs and offers services such as, shot-peening, cycle-testing, set removal, and squareness under load testing to improve and verify product performance.

Extension Springs

Extension springs with traditional or exotic hook, loop and leg configurations are easily and efficiently produced on our state-of-the-art CNC equipment. Wire diameters range from .006 to .225 in all types of spring wire.

Rockford Springs specializes in shortened setup times, coupled with in-line heat treating equal cost effective quality production. In-process laser dimensional monitoring contributes to products with the low ppm reject rate demanded by today's market.

Torsion Springs

Our state-of-the-art CNC equipment can produce torsion springs and double torsion springs in the most basic as well as unusual configurations. Wire diameters can range from .006 to .312, and all types of spring wire can be utilized.

Computerized test equipment, as well as, laser process monitoring help insure that quality levels will be met. Our fully equipped Secondary Department can supply additional forming and bending operations if needed. Plating, color-coding, and special packaging can all be part of the complete product supplied.

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